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Clyde Pulp Density Scales

Marcy Pulp Density ScaleThe Pulp Density Scale saves time, prevents errors, gives greater accuracy and has a wide specific gravity range.

Saves Time, Prevents Errors
Requires no reference to separate charts or tables . . . saves time and prevents errors in calculations. Simply hang the filled container on a scale hook read the information direct from the scale.

Greater Accuracy
The circular dial readings are equivalent in accuracy to those of a 47 " beam balance. This provides greater sensitivity than is possible with a normal beam balance.

Covered Dial Stays Clean
The dial is covered by glass to keep it clean. Dirty hands cannot contact the weighing unit, which eliminates the possibility of dirt affecting the scales accuracy.

Clyde Scales
We also manufacture our own scale (the Clyde Pulp Density Scale) which is very similar to the Marcy. It has a majority of the internal parts manufactured in Stainless Steel offering better corrosion resistance. The charts are completely interchangeable with the Marcy Scale and it operates the same way as the Marcy.

Plastic Container Resists Corrosion and Will Not Dent
The plastic container resists the action of alkalis and acids, and is easy to keep clean.
It is difficult to break and will not dent, assuring constant volume measurement. Slotted overflow openings permit easy and accurate filling to exactly 1000 cc.
Also available are Stainless Steel and Aluminium containers.

Wide Specific Gravity Range
The Sale is applicable over a wide range of solids; light or heavy density interchangeable dials are provided to cover this range in small specific gravity increments of dry solids.

Clyde Pulp Density Scales

Online Store Online Store

Purchase a Clyde Pulp Density Scale and Accessories Online.

How to Read a Density Scale How to Read a Density Scale

The Clyde Pulp Density Scales are accurately set at the factory. DO NOT remove the back cover plate to make adjustments. The scales are constructed to provide trouble free operation and will provide accurate measurements.

Density Equation & Formula Calculations Density Equation & Formula Calculations

Density Equation & Formula Calculations


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