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Clyde Mining & Enginerring


With the company's Head Office and Manufacturing Facility, Located in Australias famous mining and wine growing region, the Hunter Valley, Clyde Mining & Engineering is ideally situated to service both the local Australian Mining Industry, and as a base for our ever expanding export business.

Our Hunter Valley Headquarters is also very handy to the Ports of Newcastle and the major Australian Shipping Port of Sydney.

We also have a manufacturing facility locate in China,

Clyde Mining & Engineering- China Operations, is primarily involved in quality castings, fabrication and machining of Mining and Railway Equipment, we operate from new premises close to Beijing, Capital of China.

We offer Castings, Fabrication, Machining and Product Sourcing. 
Clyde-Carruthers Clyde-Carruthers

Though the purchase of Clyde Carruthers Spare Parts Business in 1998, Motive Traction supply a wide range of spare parts for equipment manufactured and supplied by Clyde Carruthers

Drilling Rig Up-Grade for Eastern Drilling
June 2010
Engineering and Fabrication Team:
Ryan Jones
John Mansfield
                                                       Before and after shots.
                                 Front and rear Mounts for Leveling Cylinders
                                       Mounting the Drill to the Prime Mover
Calciner/Furnace Project
Ongoing at present (March 2010 - August 2010)
Project Scope:
Engineering, Design, Procurement & Project Management. 3.2 meter Diamater x 6 Hearth.
Location : Northern Territory, Australia
Motive Traction Team:-
Project Manager :                  Chris Taylor
Chief Engineer:                       John Mansfield
Quality Control Manager:       Dave Edmond
Calciner Body ready for transport to minesite.
Arrival at Site June 2nd 2010
Standing upright, ready for assembly of Refractories, Central Shaft and Rabble Arms.
The New Calciner is located outside of the current Calciner location. The existing 30 year old Calciner will be removed from the building behind (rear to left) and the new unit inserted in it's place.

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