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Mining Equipment, Mining Tools, Mining Business In Australia

Wilfley Tables Wilfley Tables

The Wilfley Concentrating Table Motive Traction is the manufacturer of the Australian Wilfley Table. The Wilfley Table has been manufactured in Australia for over 100 Years.

Pulp Density Scales Pulp Density Scales

Clyde & Marcy Pulp Density Scales The Pulp Density Scale saves time, prevents errors, gives greater accuracy and has a wide specific gravity range. Saves Time, Prevents Errors Requires no reference to separate charts or tables.

Site Housing/Mining Camp Site Housing/Mining Camp

A full range of portable housing to suit all applications, Mining, Construction, Domestic, Disaster Relief. Single Story, Multi Story.

High Pressure, Low Volume, Belt Cleaner High Pressure, Low Volume, Belt Cleaner

A New Approach to Belt Cleaning Motive Traction H.P.L.V Belt Cleaners are the new approach to the continual problem of effectively cleaning conveyor belts without damage or wear.

Clyde Carruthers Clyde Carruthers

Clyde Carruthers Though the purchase of Clyde Carruthers Spare Parts Business in 1998, Motive Traction supply a wide range of spare parts for equipment manufactured and supplied by Clyde Carruthers and Clyde Jaques.


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